Saturday, October 3, 2015

pardon my lameness

few times ago

dad was in the living room, watching the news bout the fallen crane in Mekah ( Allah mercy upon them). He was so focused on the tv while in the same time busy updating the current report in social media. i was with him at the living room, pretending to be busy wiping the table glass. suddenly, mom's voice cracked the silence. mom's nagging is normal so we just pretend not to hear it until mom came down with stern face. knowing dad still in his towel, still not bath..she begun to nag about being late for pasar ikan. being a sweet charming husband, dad rose up immediately ( and giggling.. hohoh) and rushed to the unoccupied bathroom with his phone in his grip.leaving me alone in the living room. oh, not really alone cz Ali and Blacky were sleeping soundly on the opposite couch.

living alone made me wanna doze off but if my mom catch me napping on the couch, she will definitely start again. so, i really need to hold my sleepy eyes. it was a moment before the sound from the tv commercial caught my attention. the pop-pop sound so alluring to my ears. i turned my eyes to the flat screen tv in front me and immediately enjoying my view. on the screen i saw N.E.W.S letter jiggling, bouncing and spinning euphorically. The letters that move themselves to the tip of four quadrant, making it look like a cross that we see in compass. look at the picture below babeyh 

[yay google thanks for the picture!]

mother of currypuffs! i am pure genius for realizing thisss.. ( said me to myself obviously and to you who had wasted ur time reading this rant, my apologize.) 

the letters that made up the word NEWS IS ACTUALLY REFERING TO NORTH, WEST, EAST AND SOUTH! have u ever notice it? if this is ur first then hi-5, we are in the same boat. and if u had already knew this for ages, please shuh shuh. 

so from this finding i concluded that the reason why my ancestor and the mother of linguistic  called news as "news". it must suit the nature of being widespread, from east to west, north to south. bazingga! 

i was too excited with my new cool finding and can't wait to share the fruit of my great thinking to my family. unfortunately, my parents had left the house for morning shopping. my last hopes were my two sisters who by that time still snoring.

i waited patiently for them to wake up. couple of mins pass, and i saw my younger sister strolling dow the stairs with unkempt long hair and sleepy eyes. i jumped to her, impatiently starting the conversation. 

" Whut do u want ?"

" Listen carefully. do you know that n.e.w.s in the news are actually stand for north,east,west, south?! it it pretty amazing right, we never thought of something like this before. i just so.."

" sis do u you have food for breakfast cz i'm hungry" 

and she walked to the kitchen. 

leaving me crying, heart-brokenly at the corner. there there aj.


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