Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Good to know that I’m in early 20s, well fed, well educated and healthy. Alhamdulillah, it is a blessing to be born in a wealthy family. I don’t have to worry bout foods,clothes and my tuition fees, because my parents have it well prepared for me. Plus, I live in a peaceful and economically stable country where I should not worry about waking up the next day to the sound of riffles or sleeping with a rope around my tummy tightly tied to shooo away the growling tummy.  Alhamdullilah, I AM SO GLAD!

However, this comfortable life is not ‘design’ for all. There are many girl like me, out there, somewhere across the globe struggle to see the rising sun. They live their life worrying about the bullets awaiting for them and their beloved behind the concrete walls. In another part of the world, some of my sisters are fighting for education and at the other part, some of them are picking  up the bread crumbs that scattered on the dusty ground. Their life  is pathetic and i can’t imagine living with it every single day. To be honest, I rather die than having a stressful life. The perk of being born in comfortable zone I could say. 

Rising up in a comfortable zone is amazing but in other hand, being trapped in a comfortable zone is pathetic. People who already get used to comfort, picture hardship as apocalypse. Like me. When it comes to hardship, I easily break down and torn apart. People like me, if you put me together with them, in my current condition, will jump off the building as soon as life become sour. Even small problem sometimes will make me give up with life. I have no idea to turn sour lemon into lemonade,tho. 

However, people whom waking up with the struggle for living picture life differently.  They seem to appreciate life more than me.  If u go to ruined down country, I guarantee you that you will see  lively smiles behind the teary eyes. These people treasure their life more than us. Despite the torturous life that they need to endure, they manage to smile. Wide and bright. I believe; they see hope in every hardship, glimpse of lights in the dark alley. They are determine, they are faithful, strong, and above all, the treasure life more than us. These make them a superb human being. They are indeed  superheroes in disguise . Amuhzingggg!

Therefore, I thank Almighty, for all the blessing that being granted for me and for my beloved family. Life is so good and I really wish everyone can feel it. It's so good till some call it paradise. Having money is good, enough food is great and going to college is superb. I wish to share it with all the unfortunate people who can’t experience this ‘paradise’. definitely they will over the moon and their smile will be brighter than the shinning sun. nope, not exaggerating...:P

  And in return for that , please teach me how to live like superhero. ^.^

best regards;

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