Saturday, August 22, 2015


“ give, while u can”

Dad always says that to me. He is not even a millionaire. He just another man on the street, who goes to work 5 days a week, 8 hrs a day ,ever since he received his degree up till the time his employer disown him. he also need to pay for taxes, bank loan and  bills. Though his net income is 5 figures, he still  (sometimes) struggles financially.

However, dad pictures money differently. He pictures money like the rich, but too bad he is not rich. Hahahahha..sorry dad, no  bad intention tho >< . Maybe he is not meant to be rich in money, but rich in good deeds who knows :D

 by saying picturing money like the rich, dad always give.  If u read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “Rich dad, Poor dad”, ready to give is one characteristic of rich people. They don’t wait till they have extra to give. My Dad has this characteristic. He gives though he didn’t have enough. Whenever he sees the poor selling stuffs, he will buy it straight away, though  he well aware the stuff is awfully bad. When he saw an old man digging the garbage, he will go to them. There was a time when he left with only a few bucks in his pockets, but he saw someone in need, he gave all he had and going home penniless. When he knew someone ( who is not financially crook) forsake their health because of the medical fee is too high, he pissed off. He doesn’t like that type people who treats money like the king. He is not stingy and he teaches me not to be one.  He always reminds me, don’t devote yourself to money. Don’t get scared of money. Money is the root of evil, if only if you let it control you..but money is a powerful tool, if you are the one whom controlling.

Back in the time when I was a kid, I never bother to learn bout money.  Dudes I’m  too young for that and my parents are rich, I still can eat la. But things start to change when I enter university. Money is  always being  my first world problem though I have sponsorship. Honestly, I can’t get of rid of the habit of spending carelessly. My bank always running out of cash before the end of the semester. Then, I start to skip my lunch and even my dinner in order to cut the budget. My last resort is asking money from parents, but it is never easy. The feeling of guilt always holds me back.

Because of the guilt, I start to become greedy and desire to be rich. Being poor is suck, having financial problem is troublesome and being penniless is frustrating. I start to think money has power, and I desire to have that power.i want to be wealthy, wealthier than the Rockefeller and Rosthchild. I am greedy, and I admit it. and I’m proud of it.  I don’t to feel guilty for having that kind of desire because I believe that desire will create a better me in the future.

But, I have decided to live my life for others. I want to be rich for others. When I have more money, I can give more. I can give the homeless home to return, I can feed more starving kids, I can build more school for the poor and etc etc. I vow to myself not to let the money rule me. I want to be like my dad but richer than him. one day if anyone ask me who inspires you, I will proudly say ‘dad’. I learn to give from him, and because of that I respect him more than anyone else. When you give, you are not simply making other people happy, but actually your kindness eases you more than the person you help. Positivity is too good to be kept alone, so spread it.

To dad, I owe you the greatest life lesson.
To the world, I vow I’ll live to give.
even if my dead body can be use, take what u need.

Your regards;

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